Cassim Y-Shirvan

Cassim Y-Shirvan

09 Jan 2003

Mother Thali Y-Shirvan
Father Ilchan Tizpa El Taschara

Cassim got his Racing licence very easy.
But short after that he got a very bad injury and his racing career was finished.

His brother CESHAN Y-SHIRVAN became Vice-european, German racing 2008 champion, German Short-track champion, DWZRV Champion für Schönheit und Leistung

Cassim is also the brother of the double World-racing champion, European and Belgian racing Champion CHAZAL Y-SHIRVAN.

Cassim did a few shows:
1 x CAC und bester Rüde
2 x Res. CAC
1 x Res. CAC auf der CACIB in Neumünster

Extra information
Cassim lives together with his brother Ceshan Y-Shirvan at the home of Fam. Böhm, Ele and Rudy, in Hamburg, Germany.

Cassim Y-Shirvan got his racing-licence without problems before his bad injury.
When he was nearly 2 years old he got this bad injury when he was playing around. Glass was the reason for a deep cut in his leg.
A bunch of nervs was fully cut and the vets had to remake new nervs ( with nervs from a pig) in the labo. This new nerv had to be put together with the broken nerv in Cassims leg. Then his leg was put in a plaster for 3 months and after that also 2 months with a firm bandage.
After that Ele and Rudy waited a whole year before they put Cassim back on a racing-track. He was a lot slower then he was before his injury but showed very well racing character.
So they decided to be carefull and put him only at training on the track.
Because Cassim has such a good character he was (and still is) often asked as a trainingspartner for younger salukis.
Because of that bad injury the owners did not take the risk to put him on coursings.

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