Darih Y-Shirvan

Darih Y-Shirvan

25 Apr 2004

Mother Ch. Vaillah Y-Shirvan
Father Ch. Sheik Y-Shirvan

Extra information
Parents of Darih Y-Shirvan

Her mother: Ch. Vaillah Shirvan
Ch. Belgium Racing 2002 and Coursing 2002 + 2003
Her father: Ch.Sheikh Y-Shirvan -Ch. Belgium Racing and Coursing

Vaillah Y-Shirvan is:
1. a full sister of The European Racing Champion 2000 VERUNA Y-Shirvan
2. a full sister of the Vice european coursing Champ. 2002 VITAH Y-Shirvan
3. a halfsister of the Worldchamp racing 2003 & 2004 YASHABAD Y-Shirvan.
4. halfsister of the Vice-european coursing champ.2003 Yabukhan Y-Shirvan
Vailah is a daughther of Quloras y-shirvan who is the brother of the european champion
-1994 + 1995 -Qeshan y-shirvan-

Sheik y-shirvan
He is a full brother of the european champion 1995 and Belg. racing CH. 1994-1995 "Shana y-shirvan"
His titles: 2 X belgian racing champion.
5 X Belgian Coursing Champion
This is his second litter. His son Volgaias Assyan (from his first litter) became Belgian racing champion 2003.
This litter Sheikh y-shirvan X Vaillah y-shirvan was mostly based an Turkisch import bloodlines.

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