Kaida Y-Shirvan

Kaida Y-Shirvan

03 Jun 2011

Mother Farida Y-Shirvan
Father Mansur el Taschara

Has litters with...
Ch. Ilam Shah El Riad

Puppies are born on august 9. 5 males and 3 girls. Colours: -males: 2 golden, 1 black&cream, 1 grey-grizzle and 1 dear-grizzle. -girls: 1 white/cream, 1 black&cream and 1 grey-grizzle. !! 1 red-golden male is still available (novembre 22)

Eindhoven: open class 3e exc.
Mouscron: open class 3e exc.
Beringen: 2e
Westerlo: 2e
Westerlo: 2e
Beringen: Golden Rabbit: 2e
Beringen: 2e ( with R-CAC)
Worldchampionship 2014 in Tampere--Finland
*serie: 1e
*half-final: Kaida got a terrible attaque from behind in the last bend of the semi-finale but she won that semi-final and went to the final together with her sister.
*Final: 4th place but after the start she got a light bodycheck from behind and she had not forgotten the serious attack from the semi-final so she give a short reaction by looking aside with a growl and than she raced further a good solid race between the other salukis and got 4th place. Afterwarts the jury decided that her reaction was not confirm to the rules and got her out of the result;

*Westerlo : 1e place
*Son (Neth.): 2e place

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