Versus Y-Shirvan

Versus Y-Shirvan

25 Jan 1997

Mother Ch. Mahira-Mai Y-Shirvan
Father Ch., Worldch. Serra Parecis Fair Player

The most loveble afghan of the earth!

Versus lived with our daughter Cindy. And because our daughter mostly lived in foreign countries for her job by H&M (4 years France, 2 years in the USA..... I only had the possibility to show him 2 times when she was on vacation and Versus stayed at our home for 14 days.
The first show I became a disq because I left the showring. After the judge told me that she could give Versus a disq because the hair in his neck was shaved I tought Versus became a real disq and therefor I left the ring. Afterwarts the judge told me that he was one of the best afghans in the showring and that she, instead of Versus, gave ME a disq because I had left, without her permission, the showring.
The second show Versus did, he got the CAC. (that was a week after his first show.

Extra information
Versus had a super Character.
He was always happy and nice with ALL dogs, animals (except rabbits) and all people.
He loved children and big hugs!!
Versus also loved racing on the racetrack. He went crazy at the track when he have to wait.

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