01 Sep 1976

Father Ch. Ubrandy de Pandjah

Extra information
Adria was our very first Afghan.
She was a birthday-present for our daughter Cindy (and of course also for my wife and myself).
Adria entered our Home on the 20th october 1976.
Already at that moment I wanted the best. I had chosen to buy a daughter of Ch. Ubrandy de Pandjah (who won at that time almost every show at wich he competed) and she mshould have the same colour amd masked like her father.
So I visited the kennel "de Pandjah" and the owner Mrs. Fossé had Two litters but there was no bitch wich was the same as Ubrandy.
Later that day she told me that she had the first choice of a litter of wich Ubrandy was the sire AND she had chosen for a bitch, exact the same as the father Ubrandy.
I directly wanted to buy her but she was not for sale and disappointed I went home.
The same day I decided to go back next day and so I did. But the breeder didn't want to sell her litterchoice and again I went back home without.
But every good things three times they say and so I did.
The next day I went again to the breeder and after 2 hours she capitulated and I had my bitch!!!!!!!!!
I was so happy!
And at the 20th of october 1976 the first afghan walked into our home and they will never leave!!!

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