Ch. Ayscha Y-Shirvan

Ch. Ayscha Y-Shirvan

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Mother Tebrisa Y-Shirvan
Father Multi Ch. Izmar Judgement Day

-International champion.
-German Ch. DWZRV
-German Ch. VDH
-Belgian Champion
-Netherlands Champion
-Luxembourg Champion
-Schwedisch Champion
-Multi SBIS-winner

Extra information
Ayscha is the sister of Ch. Assourah Y-Shirvan and belongs to our dear friends Jean and Jeannine Balas, middenstraat 10, Tongeren-Widooie.
She has now all the German championships she needed and is going now for the International, Belgian and the Netherland Championship because she has, like her sister Assourah, already a few Championship-charts for this titles.
Because Jean and Jeannine are novices in handling showdogs, I have promessed them that I will always show Ayscha when it is possible.
In Eilenburg she got the biggest win with a Marvellous BOB and BIS.

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