Big succes for Y-Shirvan salukis

Sunday june 22: Bundessiegerrennen 2008 in Hildesheim (Germany). Our Salukis did FANTASTIC and both male and female won the title!!!!
Ceshan Y-Shirvan ( R&E BÖHM): Bunssieger 2008 (dogs)

Feridah Y-Shirvan (B.Martens): Bundessieger 2008 (female).
It is her first race-year and she competed 3 races. She won all 3 AND everytime with a new Trackrecord!!! And that on 3 different tracks!
The Tracks: Stendahl, Hünstetten and Hildesheim.

"Ceshan Y-Shirvan" got earlier this Year the Short-track Championshiptitle.
He is a very fast saluki and is very well trained by his owners Rudy and Ele Böhm from Hamburg (Germany)

"Feridah Y-Shirvan" is a young female saluki with a great heart for racing. She is also very well trained by her owners (fam. Martens, Germany)
She started racing this year. So far she did only 3 races but she won all 3! And mostly with great distance between her and the second one.
And she did everytime a new TRACKRECORD!!!!!

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