Ch. Khallis Y-Shirvan

Ch. Khallis Y-Shirvan

10 Sep 2011

Mother Ch. Dallas Y-Shirvan
Father Ch. Tancrede Du Menuel Galopin

-Vice-European Champion 2016
-Ch. Luxembourg
-Ch. Belgium,
-Ch. Netherlands,
-Ch. Germany DWZRV
-Ch. German VDH,
-Ch. International,
Belgian Afghan Hound nr.1 2013 (RBSC)
Belgian Afghan Hound nr.1 2014 (BAHC) + (RBSC)
Belgian Afghan Hound nr.1 2015 (BAHC)
Belgian Afghan Hound nr.1 2016 (BAHC)

-Multiple SBIS-winner

His showresults:
IN 2012
Brussels dec.2012: 1 exc

In 2013:
Genk jan. 2013: 1 Exc.
Castrop Rauxel(germany)27-2-2013: 1 Exc. CAC + VDH
Gera (Germany) 2-3-2013: 1 Exc. CAC + VDH
Gera (germany) 3-3-2013: 1 Exc. CAC + VDH
Int. Luxembourg 30-3-2013: 2 exc R-CAC
Europa Sieger Dortmund 11-5-2013: 1 exc CAC + VDH
Wandhundfestival (Luxembourg)30-6-2013:1 exc CAC
Innsbruck (Austria) 10-8-2013: 2 exc R-CAC
Douai (France) octobre 12: 1 exc CAC + BOB
Douai (France) octobre 13: 1 exc R-CAC
Belgian Top Sighthound show: 1 exc CAC + BOB + BIS!
Eurodogshow Kortrijk:novembre16: 1 exc,CAC+CACIB+ BOS
Eurodogshow Kortrijk novembre 17: 1 exc + CAC + CACIB +BOB+ BOG2

3th Best Belgian Afghan Hound with only 3 shows!
KBWC-club: Best belgian Afghan Hound 2013

In 2014:
12-01-2014:Hoogstraeten: 3 EXC
26-01-2014: Mouscron:Delabelle MC: 1 EXC , R-CACIB, R-CAC
09-02-2014: Genk: mrs. Zake Ligita: 1EXC, CAC, Ambioriw-Winner) BOB and BOG3
16-03-2014: Leiden (NL): A. van de Broek. R-cac +R-Cacib (he heritade CAC + CACIB)
19-04-2014: Goes (NL)): 1exc., Cac + Cacib + BOB +3BOG
10-05-2014: Dortmund (Germ): I. Rohrer 3exc.
11-05-2014: Dortmund: E. Sisterman: R-cac + R-cacib
Wieze (B): 1exc, CAC+BOB

-04 april: Goes (NL) : 1exc, CAC + CACIB +BOS
-05 april: Goes (NL) : 1exc, CAC+CACIB +BOB
-19 April: Antwerpen (B): 1exc, CAC+CACIB+BOB
-25 april: Münster (Germ): 1exc, CAC+VDH

March 2015:
-08 march: Dinslaken (Germ): 1exc, CAC + BOB + BIS
-29 march: Luxermbourg (Lux.): 3exc.

february 2015:
-7 february: Troyes (FR): 1exc, CAC+RCACIB
-21 february: Hoogstraten (B): 1exc, CAC + CACIB + BOS

January 2015:
-10 january: Genk (B): 1exc. CAC-CACIB-BOB

Extra information
Khallis is free for mating excellent afghan hound bitches.
The mating conditions 2017-2018 are: 1200€ payable at the moment of the mating (no exceptions).
When there are only 1 or 2 puppies born the same bitch can return for a new free mating within 3 years after the first mating.

Offspring of Ch. Khallis Y-Shirvan:
1. Litter:
with Gucci Y-Shirvan (Ch. Calahorra Icicle X Eversah Y-Shirvan):
Born on 2013-04-22: 6 males and 3 females in the colours gold with black mask, Platina with black mask and red with black mask.

2. Litter:
With Multi Ch. Hennes Y-Shirvan ( Multi Ch. Exxos Gameboy at Zharook X Multi Ch. Ayscha Y-Shirvan):
She expected 9 puppies but she gave birth to early (1 week) and there was 1 puppy dead in the whomb. One died soon after dead and so we had 2 males and 5 females. They all grew very well.
Colours-- 1 Black&cream male and the others are gold with black mask and red with black mask.

3. Litter at The Thuja-Kennel of Mrs. Demeyer Kelly in Netherland.
Some trouble when given birth ans some died but there are still 1 boy and 4 girls alive.

4. Litter at the zabo Khans-kennel of Silvia Benneman in Germany: 5 boys and 4 girls.

5.Litter at the IT OV ZARAUT -kennel in Russia (Moscou) of Mrs. Irina Shapovalova.
1 boy and 4 girls born 30.08.2017 (some are available)

6. 21 september 2017--Khallis mated a bitch from Germany. The breeder expect the pups around 23 novembre 2017.
When the breeder gives permission i will give more information about this mating.

His ofspring counts allready several show-champions.

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